Know how to be professional

Our Soft Skills bias: good professional skills create the right conditions for any change.

Apilean is therefore also there to advise you, accompany you and (re)put the human at the heart of the performance thanks to a modern approach.

You say to yourself …

I feel like a firefighter, and I would like my staff to be more independent.

It’s hard to manage a hybrid team and cope with the many recent changes.

I don’t know how to build cohesion within my team.

I no longer know how to motivate and take my teams who no longer believe in it.

The professional know-how

What exactly is it?

Behavioural and managerial posture, communication, collaboration, creativity, remote teams, cohesion, work efficiency, etc. we offer you an innovative pedagogy and tailor-made solutions, as close as possible to your expectations, for even more efficiency on a daily basis.

An expertise in soft skills

Our Apileaners diagnose your needs and then accompany you with a tailor-made proposal to develop the Know-How of an employee or team. It’s called Soft Skills.

What exactly are the Soft Skills? 

These are the personal qualities, innate, but also the talents and skills acquired through training, experience on the ground.

And that’s where Apilean comes in!

Soft skills: know-how, the key to success

interpersonal skills

Compétences sociales permettant d’interagir avec les personnes et leur environnement

personal skills

Human skills specific to each individual

Professional Effectiveness Skills

Personal skills that materialize in action

Intervention examples

SOFT SKILLS - Compétences interpersonnelles

Interpersonal skills

  • Manager coach
  • Communication
  • Communication typologies and profiles
  • Basic Manager Postures
  • Intergenerational management
  • Team cohesion
  • Conflict management
SOFT SKILLS - Compétences personnelles

Personal skills

  • Leadership
  • Managing emotions
  • Speaking out
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and daring
  • Empathy and active listening
SOFT SKILLS - Compétences d'efficacité professionnelle

Professional Effectiveness Skills

  • Time management
  • Co-development
  • Autonomy
  • Remote Working
  • Innovation process
  • Problem solving
  • Change Coaching

Actions on demand


Awareness, advice and tools


Models and scenarios


Full depth with individual action plan

Intervention formats

Individual or collective sessions

Animation mode

Face-to-face, remote and hybrid


In France and abroad

Our super powers to animate soft skills

Combining usefulness on the ground and fun on the form, the modernity of our interventions creates a dynamic favorable to emotion, pleasure.

The learner is put in confidence, motivated, his memory more solicited and the anchoring thus lasts in time.

Entering a virtuous circle, he feels more involved, more autonomous, able to take initiatives and his own development contributes to that of the company!


developper le savoir etre professionnel avec les supers pouvoirs d'apilean

Personalized benefit à la carte

tailor-made response

scripting of the animation in relation to your values and style




Innovative pedagogy and playful tools

zero slides

reverse pedagogy

legos – photo language – music

graphic facilitation

Participatory sessions for the collective

collaborative digital tools (Klaxoon for quizzes, votes, post-it…)

World Café, Codev, Team Building, Escape Game, Serious Game…


Some live examples!

Our happy customers testify

A 3-year partnership on the empowerment of teams, a professional, committed, motivating and warm support team. Results that match our expectations, the perfect combination of operational excellence expertise, staff development, Lean and soft skills.

David Dechirot


We appreciate the cooperation with Apilean and its Apileaners because of their professionalism and adaptability. They also bring us real expertise in the field of learning, complementary to what we have internally.


Manufacturing Academy Manager, RENAULT

Our quality approach

Our training courses are certified to bring you the best and can be funded by your OPCO and CPF.

Accessibility for disabled people:

The law of 5 September 2018 on the “freedom to choose one’s professional future” aims to facilitate access to employment for people with disabilities.

Our organization tries to give everyone the same opportunity to access or maintain employment.

Our PSH referent: Carlos Cardoso

Apilean is datadock. Declaration of activity is registered under the number 11755895375 with the prefect of region of Ile-de-France.

Let’s start the adventure together